Transition is the inevitable process towards adjustment that stems from any change in our lives. For every individual or organization, some transitions are easier to navigate than others.


TCK Institute brings you the skills and expertise combined with decades of field experience to expedite your transition and make it a successful one. With in-depth knowledge of the spheres of cross-culture, Korean work culture, effective communication, mediation, coaching and restorative counselling, TCK Institute provides leading edge services using workshops, lectures and coaching.


Based in Korea, with global experience. Our experts have worked and lived in different cultures. We combine the wisdom, expertise and knowledge from both the East and West to bridge the gap between cultures.


Known as the ‘land of morning calm,’ Korea has experienced tremendous economic growth in the last 50 years, resulting in many paradoxes to what used to be a sheltered and homogenous culture. As Korea undergoes these cultural shifts, organizations and individuals are challenged to navigate through these rapid, overwhelming currents, often without the understanding of cultural nuances and undertones.

At Transition Catalyst Korea Institute, we guide you to make sense of the many underlying dynamics in Korean organizations and empower you to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that works for you. We guide your professional and personal journey providing you with lasting adjustment skills that are guaranteed to help your future cultural transitions in other parts of the world. Our aim is to catalyze the unique challenges of working and living in Korea into opportunities for growth for organizations, individuals and families.


The TCK Institute mission, vision and values are more than slogans. They are the product of long and challenging journeys through which our experts have come to experience much of what they help others get through and has defined what they strive to bring alive in the world for others.


“A World of Connection Across Differences”


“Within every transition lies an opportunity for expansion.

We catalyze your growth to maximize your potential.”



One thing I really liked about Ms. Min’s approach was how she didn’t lecture us about all the things foreigners do wrong in Korea. She didn’t label us as “the bad guys” or Koreans as the victims; in fact, she urged us to empower ourselves. As a Korean American working for a Korean organization and being the only foreigner in my company – all the challenges, tears and frustrations I had and how I had wished with all my heart someone like her had been there to tell me all she had told us in just one hour about the Confucianist influences in Korea.

Jodi C., 2006

It’s always a breath of fresh air to have someone help foreigners understand Koreans and Korean culture in an open, non-judgmental way.

Shawn M. , 2012

Very good, it was executed perfectly.

Samsung Global HRD , 2014

More please! I would love to know more.

Samsung Global HRD , 2014